❀ evol frost
❀ 16/26
❀ mew/they/he/it/fae/rawr
❀ polyam, taken, biromantic+aspec
❀ stag /w crow leanings
❀ anarcho-queercore punk
❀ disabled
❀ fandom/aesthetic/art

❀ why do u have two different ages listed?
---- because i'm an alter in a system. 26 is the body age. 16 is my age. i wanna b honest.
(more on this; i'm the system shell/main fronter so i do my best to be a responsible adult but in my system i AM a teen, so keep that in mind.)
❀ what is an ad hominem attack?
---- an ad hominem attack is when you attack something personal which has absolutely no bearing on the disagreement at hand. (pointing out someones age or that they have pronouns in bio, for example)
❀ why don't you support bi/pan lesbians?
---- read this carrd https://justsaidsapphic.carrd.co
or read this other carrd

i try to mutual my actual friends only
----if we just happen to follow each other its because i want to see your content
❀ please block me if you're uncomfortable with me. if u think it can be solved pls approach me like a concerned friend
d o n o t s c r e e n s h o t m e
❀ do not pretend to be nice to me or pretend to be my friend
❀ i'm block happy, if u bother me i will block.
❀ i just want to hang out with my friends if ur into discourse fuck off.
❀ sal fisher is my f/o idc if u think that's weird i love him

❀ mabel pines
❀ dib membrane
❀ marco diaz
❀ star butterfly
❀ morty smith
❀ evil morty
❀ himiko toga
❀ dave strider
❀ weiss schnee
❀ izuku midoriya
❀ henry stickmin
❀ more unlisted, ask.

dni if
❀ usual dni stuff (this includes aphobes/exclusionists)
---- i shouldn't have to explain in detail lol ur getting blocked on sight anyway
❀ ur a map/nomap/pedo
❀ ur a proshipper
❀ ur terf/truscum aligned
❀ u support bi/pan-lesbians/id as one
❀ u screenshot and qrt/reblog/share to make fun of ppl
❀ u think defending urself is harassment
❀ u say slurs u can't reclaim + openly say them
❀ u base ur whole personality and identity around a problematic character
❀ u can't consume media critically
❀ u use ad hominem attacks
❀ ur under the age of 15+ur not following for my art
❀ u believe in cringe culture
❀ u get into a lot of discourse or drama
❀ u interact with stantwt uncritically
❀ ur on edtwt
❀ ur a schlattie
❀ u think u like sal fisher more than me